Philippa Gordon and Angie Spencer

16 -22 April 2014

  • Philippa Gordon and Angie Spencer share a deep sensitivity to colour and light, a sensuous love of paint and each has her own unique way of seeing landscape and still life. Philippa was born in Africa and grew up travelling widely. Angie was born in North Yorkshire and has a strong connection with land and myth.
  • ‘Within Reach’ is their third collaboration since they met while studying Fine Art Printmaking at the University of Gloucestershire, over 10 years ago. Both have since changed their practice from printmaking to painting.
  • Angie Spencer is also a published poet, and her paintings possess the same sense of elemental truth that is revealed in her poetry.
  • Philippa Gordon has a background in fine art and interior design which informs her keen sense of colour, light and composition.’

Open Daily 9am – 5pm

Entry Free

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