• We have regular visits from visitors with wheel-chairs given that the wide path running by Montpellier Tennis Courts is where the Gallery main entrance is. This door accommodates wheel chairs easily.
  • Approaching from Bandstand level there is a sloping path from the right of the bandstand up to the tennis court path. On the side of the Gallery wall a bell for wheel chair users allows the exhibitors to facilitate entry and welcome you to the Gallery.

Warning for Exhibitors

  • For Exhibitors with limited mobility: when entering the Gardens in a vehicle there is an obstacle in that the Council instal locked bollards in the entrance to the Gardens to prevent unauthorised joy riders from entering. These are unlocked by turning the numerical wheel on the padlock to the code which you will be provided with. This padlock is at ground level and requires good eye sight as well as flexibility. The bollard is heavy and needs lifting out of a pipe inset in the tarmac and laying to one side. We suggest that if in doubt you are accompanied when entering and leaving the Gardens. Please plan accordingly.

Advice for Exhibitors

  • When designing the lay-out for your exhibition please remember to allow for 2 metres between exhibits and screens.
  • Please also consider that plinths may be inadvertently knocked by passing wheel chairs so precautions must be taken.