12th – 18th July 2017

Patricia Courtney, Sue Jolley and Leanne Courtney-Crowe
  • Pat, Sue and Leanne, all living close to each other in Prestbury got together a few years ago and planned to showcase their work in exhibitions known as ‘Wild and Abstract’.
Patricia Courtney grew up in the picturesque village of Broadway. After watching her daughter (Leanne)
paint, Pat started producing her own work. Using her chosen medium of oils she decided her passion was
to capture Cotswold villages and the countryside she loved. So landscapes, animals and flowers are her
aim. More recently she took up a new medium of coloured pencils, which were ideal for pictures of native
wild animals and birds as well as those from further a field in Africa. Pat has had several successful
exhibitions in Broadway and Cheltenham.
Sue Jolleys Inspiration for her work often comes from a fleeting glimpse or impression of light. This can
take many forms, from a superb sunrise or sunset, to a prism of light reflecting golden on water. With
Cornwall holding happy memories for her, she takes three weeks off each year to paint overlooking the
sea. Sue has also travelled throughout India and the Far East which has left a lasting impression and she
often draws ideas purely from the colourful markets and back streets. Her abstract approach concentrates
these feelings to evoke an impression of colours and shapes, which are always changing and evolving.
Leanne Courtney-Crowe‘s work consists of small detailed watercolours, pencil drawings, floral paintings
and large and small abstracts which incorporate the textures and colours of anything within the natural
world. In developing inspiration she uses macro, micro and satellite photography which helps view natural
complexities that are easily missed with the naked eye. She studied at Falmouth School of Art and
Gloucestershire University and has continued to develop her abstract work which takes on a life of its own.
For further information about Leanne please visit her website: www.wildandabstract.com
Open Daily 10am – 6:30pm
Entry Free