Lyn Clarke, Denise Lonsdale and Lorna Rankin

8th – 14th June 2016


  • Lyn Clarke

Lyn Clarke makes brightly coloured and patterned silk scarves as well as vibrant watercolour or acrylic paintings. Her colour inspiration comes from her childhood memories of Africa.


  • Denise Lonsdale

Denise has been a keen artist since childhood, and has worked in a variety of media over the years. Through the 1990s her focus was almost exclusively on ceramics, but since returning to Bristol in 2000 she has also worked in glass and metal. This experience has contributed to her interest in enamelling which combines aspects of each of these media. The allure of enamelling for Denise is being able to build textures and shapes on metal while using brilliant vibrant colours.


  • Lorna Rankin

Lorna Rankin’s philosophy is to paint places that she loves using watercolour to create pictures that capture the appeal of some of the Cotswold and South West’s most popular towns, villages and landscapes. Recently she has changed direction in compositions that represent the essence of subjects by combining several sketches into one composition using acrylics.


Open Daily 10am – 5pm

Entry free

Denise Lonsdale - blue and silver brooch - for web Denise Lonsdale - bony fish - for web Denise Lonsdale - earrings - for web Denise Lonsdale - enamel melange - for web Denise Lonsdale - green enamel - for web Gloucester-Docks Lorna Rankin - Cotswold 3 - for web Lorna Rankin - Night-garden Lorna Rankin - Poets-Garden Lyn Clarke - silk scarves