22nd – 28th April 2015

Lois Parker

  • Glass is beautiful and seductive. Altering constantly as the light changes.  This makes viewing a piece more like watching a performance than a static object.
  • There are many ways to use glass in art, and learning these different processes could fill a lifetime. I currently work predominately with glass which I fuse in a kiln. The challenge of realising an artistic vision in a medium that has precise temperature/time needs in its creation creates suspense, elation and sometimes disappointment or shock as the process develops.
  • I find the waiting period where nothing can be done useful.  I am a temperamentally hasty person, and fiddling or changing things, removing items, adding just a touch of something, can be a problem with other media for me.  With the glass in the kiln there is an enforced period of inactivity or at least non-tinkering that is beneficial.  This pause means I can gain distance from the active phases of making.
  • Another advantage of working with glass, even though it is heavy, sharp, expensive and can shatter if annealed poorly, is that working with it requires many different actions.  I have several chronic health problems which mean many activities are impossible or very limited for me.  Much of my work over the last year has been made one handed as I have had two surgical operations on one wrist.  With a little help from friends on some more physical activities, such as opening new jars of glass frit and changing kiln shelves, I have been able to continue to work.
  • I am on a journey to discover what I can do well in glass and how I want to work.  This exhibition shows the last year of my work in this medium.
  • www.loisparkerglass.com


Open daily 10am-5pm

Entry Free

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