Angie Spencer

23rd – 29th March 2016

  • ‘Under a Wing’ – a solo exhibition by Angie Spencer – showcases a selection of recent landscape and semi-abstract landscape oil paintings and limited edition giclee prints.
  • Angie says of her work ‘My paintings are largely concerned with finding a way to depict my internal response to landscape, memory, or music. I prefer the semi-abstract to the literal, and the language beyond words expressed through music, colour and form to the spoken or written word.’
  • Born in Scarborough in 1959, Angie graduated with a degree in Fine Art from the University in Gloucestershire in 2004 and went on to help run the Gloucestershire Printmaking Co-operative until 2009 where she also exhibited and taught etching. Since then she has focussed on painting, which has always been her passion. Her work reflects a fascination with the wild landscapes of Scotland, Wales, and her native Yorkshire.
  • In 2015 she collaborated with the celebrated Carducci String Quartet, to produce ‘Responses to Shostakovich’ – a series of semi-abstract landscape in response to their highly acclaimed 2015 recording of Shostakovich quartets. The paintings were shown at the Carducci Festival, the Cheltenham Music Festival, in her solo show ‘2 Quartets and Other Stories’ at the Wotton Gallery and in the Hadfield Fine Art Autumn exhibition. Limited edition signed prints of these paintings will be included in ‘Under a Wing’.
  • Angie has a studio in Stroud and exhibits regularly with Hadfield Fine Art.
  • She is also an accomplished classical violinist and is currently studying for her Performance Diploma with Matthew Denton. She leads the 2nd violin section in the Stroud Symphony Orchestra, and also plays in the Capriol Chamber Orchestra, in a string quartet, and with pianist and composer Oogoo Maia.

Open daily 10am-4:30pm

Entry Free

#4.1 Allegretto from Responses to shostakovich series (print only available) #8.3 Allegretto from Responses to Shostakovich series Lochside 2 (print only available) Severn Idyll 1 Severn Idyll 3