The Wednesday Group

24 – 30 July 2013

  • This group was formed some 15 years ago and meets at Shurdington village hall.  It comprises 12 amateur artists, mostly retired, and we have a variety of visiting tutors, all professional artists.  Our terms correspond roughly with the school year and are divided into alternate weeks, a tutor then a week in which we can put into practice what we learnt the previous week.


  • There are so many different methods of achieving a watercolour painting that this is an excellent way of broadening our knowledge and achieving some very interesting pictures.


  • The group comprises of:

Alwyn Wilson, Ann Buttler, Jane Brown, Ann Arkell, David Edwards, Jim Bover, Basil Comely, Sheila Burcombe, Jennie Stewart, Christine Hobson, Mary Cooper and Norman Elliott.

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