19th – 25th July 2017

Alwyn Wilson,  Ann Arkell,  Ann Butler,  Basil Comely,  Carole Krakowiak, Christine Hoson, David Ash,  David Edwards,  Jennie Stewart, Jim Bover,  Mary Cooper and Sheila Burcombe.

  • Our group was founded originally by John Gransmore as a watercolour art class. Once John retired it gradually evolved to become a gathering of 12 amateur watercolour artists who enjoy the chance to paint in a small group of likeminded friends and meet weekly at St Paul’s Church Hall, Shurdington. We invite local artists along on a regular basis to both inspire us and inject some fresh techniques into our paintings.
    We are retired and took up art as a hobby we had always had an interest in, but not enough time to pursue whilst working. Our members come from a mixture of different backgrounds, including farming, teaching, dentistry and architect to the cathedral, to mention a few. Some of us have travelled to far-flung parts of the world, others have always lived and worked in the UK. We really enjoy the friendship and interaction the group generates.
    We exhibit our work approximately every two years at the Gardens Gallery and enjoy the feedback we receive from the members of the public and friends who visit the exhibition.

Open Daily 10am-5pm

Entry free