The Potthouse Potters

Autumn Exhibition

5-11 October 2016


  • Diane Baker, Linda Freeman, Rickie Gauld, Jackie White, Jan Stevens, Amy Mills Janet Whitfield, Carol Davies. A group of potters and mixed media artists have produced this exciting exhibition of imaginative and unique creations
  • Diane Baker has been potting on and off for 40 years. She enjoys “pushing the boundaries”, making clay do what it doesn’t want to. She makes hand built decorative ware, the occasional sculptural piece and thrown functional items. She also enjoys the excitement of the fire and smoke of Raku firing.
  • Linda Freeman has potted for 17 years. She makes decorative functional ware for the house and garden using coiling or slab building techniques. Her forms and textural decorative style are inspired by and reflect nature.
  • Ricki Gauld has enjoyed pottery for 35 years. He likes a throwing challenge and experimenting with stoneware glazes. He makes decorative domestic ware with bold, freeform use of oxides and glazes.
  • Jackie White trained as an art teacher specialising in ceramics and has over 40 years of experience. Her work is a mixture of functional/non functional quirky ceramics with lots of colour, illustration and humour with a hint of nostalgia.
  • Carol Davies. I have always loved art and have enjoyed a long successful career in the design industry. Having qualified as a fashion textile designer from Brighton University over 20 years ago, I have worked as a freelancer, selling designs all over the world, working closely with both designers and manufacturers. My experience has also allowed me to get involved in many other design areas; completing varied interior and landscape projects, from restaurants, nightclubs to children’s play areas. Around 4yrs ago, I took the opportunity to try out pottery, something I hadn’t done since I was at secondary school. It was great to get involved again in such a physical and tactile creative area. My pots are varied as I draw inspiration from many areas, creating pieces that work well in the contemporary home, from groups of vessels to one off standalone pieces.
  • Diane, Jackie and Linda set up the Potthouse studio in Woodmancote in 2006.
  • For information about classes and studio space contact:

Open Daily 10am – 5pm

Entry free

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The Gardens were originally developed in the early 1800's and its centrepiece is the Bandstand.

Facing the Bandstand is the Proscenium Building where we now have our Gallery.

Follow for a history of the gardens and for information about Friends of the Bandstand and Gardens(FOMBAG).


  1. There is wheelchair access to the gallery from the path between the tennis courts and the gallery.
  2. For exhibitors delivering their work, there is a locked bollard to be removed at the gardens entrance. See link below for details.
  3. Unfortunately, there is no disabled parking in the gardens.
  4. Exhibitors should take care to design their exhibition layout with wheelchair use in mind.

For full information about accessibility, please follow this link:


 Typical annual foot-fall is 22000.

If we take out the impact of Festivals then the weekly average is 400 per week.

This varies according to the variables of weather, social media, networking, number of artists, and the appeal of the Exhibition


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