6-19 June 2012        


  • Catherine, Michelle and Debbie have exhibited a few times together very successfully in the Gardens Gallery and Brenda is new to the Gallery. All Graduates from Art Schools at various times in the past, this exhibition will give an interesting and eclectic view of art and artistry.


  • To celebrate the 5th Anniversary of the Gardens Gallery, part of the Gallery has been given up to create a small ‘Summer Exhibition Wall’ and some artists have been invited, at random,  from the hundreds of artists who have exhibited in the Gallery over the past 5 years, to show one small piece of work. The Summer Exhibition Wall will contain around 36 pieces of art 20”x20” or smaller, crammed together to give a taste of what has been on view in the Gallery over the past 5 years.


  • Catherine Stuart’s Sculpture – sometimes quirky and colourful, sometimes quite traditional. This June, 6th-19th will be Catherine Stuart’s 10th time showing in the Gardens Gallery since it opened on 9th June 2007, 5 years ago.


  • Debbie Kersley – ‘Daily walks through local allotments are the inspiration for this set of oil paintings. These messy landscapes of natural and man-made structures are studied in experiments with composition, colour and tone. The experience of ‘walking through’ is important in these compositions, as the eye absorbs and compiles multiple images. Compositions are assembled from on-site sketches, collage, slide shows and memory.’


  • Michelle Watling’s Jewellery – beautiful and imaginative, knitted silver jewellery to wear and love!


  • Brenda Barbour is an artist living in the Cotswold’s who throughout her life has sketched and painted figures and landscapes for pleasure. In this, her first exhibition, Brenda is working on a series of Life Studies in pencil & watercolours with a strong interest in human anatomy and the living form.


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