20 – 26 June 2012


  • Sticky Paper Studio is a partnership of seven artists who work with paper. The studio, originally called Cheltenham School of Applied Art and founded by Liz Valenti, formerly a lecturer on the Art and Design Foundation Course at the University of Gloucestershire, opened in 2008 to those interested in working with ideas associated with the decorative and applied arts.


  • We used to work with a variety of media but over the last two years the group has been working in paper collage and the inspiration created by the medium has led us to want to continue working solely with paper. In January this year we became Sticky Paper Studio.


  • Our main sources of inspiration are clothes and accessories although we are also interested in other subjects. We work as individual artists in two and three dimension, manipulating, ripping, tearing, cutting and sticking a cheap and readily available material which would otherwise be thrown away.


  • In our exhibition, the first under our present title, we will be showing framed original artwork, photo collages, free standing or hanging pieces, prints of the originals, cards and postcards.


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