16 – 22 October 2013


  • Following a degree in Fine Art from Reading University, Stephen decided to combine his career as an artist with teaching. The teaching soon took over, and studio work was sidelined for 20 years!


  • Stephen taught art and music at Cleeve school until 1989, when he was appointed School Arts Inspector for Worcestershire Children’s Services.


  • During his career, Stephen has also worked as arts adviser, Ofsted inspector and GCSE examiner.


  • Since retirement from his work in education, Stephen has spent his time fully engaged in art and music. A regular contributor to COS (Cheltenham Open Studios) he has exhibited across Cheltenham, and has presented a solo show at the Curve Gallery in Churchdown. Stephen also plays French horn for Cheltenham Philharmonic Orchestra, conducts the Cheltenham Cantilena Orchestra and sings in the Tewkesbury and District Choral Society.


  • Stephen makes paintings using a variety of materials, ranging from collaged paper to acrylic and household paints.


  • His primary concern is playing games with light, shape and space.


  • It has been said that Stephen’s work is a riot of vibrant colour, great fun and full of life.


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