• Sian Hemmings is a painter, photographer and teacher living in the Cotswolds.  She said, “I am happy to be showing some new paintings and photographs in the Gardens Gallery.  My work is based on the Landscape in its different forms and the Gardens Gallery, in Montpellier Gardens, is an ideal setting for it.  The paintings are abstract representations and produced in mixed media, where the photographs are more literal and reflect a different perspective’.
  • ‘Let the Flowers Grow’ is an exhibition of paintings and photographs whose subject matter is rooted in a deeply planted seed, ‘propagating’ a view of Landscape from many perspectives.  The paintings and photographs are a response to the merging and migrations of the urban, natural and represented landscape. Narratives interweave, disseminating information and creating knowledge, myth, movement and form.
  • Sian draws inspiration from many artists.  She admires the psychological expressions of light from contemporary artist, James Turrell and looks back to Leonardo Da Vinci and the Renaissance artists for their inventiveness and diversity.
  • Sian loves dance and how dance spreads its own myths through movement and form and space.  She tries to incorporate dance’s movement and mode of expression into her work.
  • The exhibition aims to raise funds, through donations, for MacMillan Cancer Support and Kate’s Home Nursing.  ‘Both of the Charities’, says Sian, ‘are close to my heart.  ‘Let the Flowers Grow’ is a story of re-birth and the emerging new growth of Spring.   It embodies the natural cycle of life’.
  • If you are unable to make it to the exhibition but you still feel you would like to donate, then please follow the link below to the Just Giving website where you can find the ‘Let the Flowers Grow’ page which enables you to donate to either Macmillan or Kate’s Home Nursing.  They are both very worthy causes and both doing an amazing  service for the community.

For more information contact Sian:  sianhemmings@hotmail.com , 07761 570221

All Images Copyright  Sian Hemmings

Please see below the list of Prices for the Paintings and Photographs:

 All paintings are £250 including framing

(Plus Postage if required)

‘Let the Flowers Grow’ Series

50 x 50 cm

Acrylic / Mixed Media on board

[AFG_gallery id=’91’]

[AFG_gallery id=’92’]

painting11.jpg   Let the Flowers Grow 11

painting12.jpg   Let the Flowers Grow 12

painting13.jpg   Let the Flowers Grow 13

painting14.jpg   Let the Flowers Grow 14

painting15.jpg   Let the Flowers Grow 15

painting16.jpg   Let the Flowers Grow 16

painting17.jpg   Let the Flowers Grow 17

painting18.jpg   Let the Flowers Grow 18

painting 19.jpg   Let the Flowers Grow 19

painting 20.jpg   Let the Flowers Grow 20   (NO FRAME)

painting 21.jpg   Let the Flowers Grow 21     (NO FRAME)

painting 22.jpg   Let the Flowers Grow 22

painting 23.jpg   Let the Flowers Grow 23



The Exhibition prints 5” x 5” mounted   £25

Re-prints unmounted £15   reprints mounted  £25

The Exhibition prints 8” x 8” mounted in 40 x 50 cm frame  £60

Re-prints unmounted £15

Plus postage if required


[AFG_gallery id=’93’]


(5” x 5”)

IMG_4253.JPG     Oak leaves

IMG_5412.JPG     Tree bark

IMG_5437.JPG     Light in the trees

IMG_5440.JPG    Ivy on bark

(8” x 8”)

IMG_5134.JPG     Trees Upper Slaughter



[AFG_gallery id=’94’]


(5” x 5”)

IMG_3720.JPG    Water hydrant Naunton

IMG_5417.JPG     Haystack  Cold Aston

IMG_5481.JPG    The river Lower Slaughter

IMG_5138.JPG     Light on the river Lower Slaughter

(8” x 8”)

IMG_5137.JPG     Reflection Lower Slaughter river



[AFG_gallery id=’95’]


(5” x 5”)

IMG_5427.JPG     The big tree Cold Aston

IMG_5428.JPG     Shadow on a field wall

IMG_5429.JPG     Shadow tending flowers

IMG_5443.JPG     Shadow at the bus stop

shadows 117.jpg       Shadow tree on glass

(8” x 8”)

IMG_5432.JPG     Shadow on a tree



[AFG_gallery id=’96’]


(5” x 5”)

IMG_5421.JPG     Street excavations Lower Slaughter

IMG_5422.JPG     Street excavations Lower Slaughter with double yellow lines

IMG_5453.JPG     Street excavations Lower Slaughter

(8” x 8”)

IMG_5454.JPG               Double yellow lines at night

Mix Aug 2012 024.jpg     Poppy by the side of the road



[AFG_gallery id=’97’]


(5” x 5”)

IMG_5482.JPG     Rainbow on the street

IMG_5483.JPG     Rainbow on the carpet

IMG_5485.JPG     Rainbow on the carpet between two vertical lines

(8” x 8”)

IMG_5487.JPG     Rainbow on the sofa