2nd – 8th August 2017


  • Samantha Dadd will be an artist in residence for most of the duration of the show so visitors may get a chance to meet her and see her at work.  Individual tutorials can be booked for after the show at her purpose built Art Studio in Conderton, Near Tewkesbury, GL20 7PU

To see more of Samantha’s work visit: www.SamanthaDadd.com


  • Samantha Dadd started painting as soon as she could hold a brush. Having won competitions as a young child she was exhibiting and receiving commissions by the age of 14. Later having graduated with a Fine Art Honours Degree and Post Graduate Diploma Samantha lectured at West Surrey College of Art and Design before becoming the artist in residence at St. George’s School, Ascot. In 1989 she took a teaching post in Oxford and ran a very successful department whilst being the sole exhibitor at Millcot Gallery, Tewkesbury.


  • By the year 2000 the demand for her work was such that she left full time teaching to devote all her time and energy into developing her career as a professional artist and creativity coach. Samantha has never looked back. She now opens her studio for exhibitions so that people can enjoy her paintings and see the environment in which she works. Samantha works and lives with her family in the pretty, unspoilt village of Conderton nestled at the foot of Bredon Hill. It is surrounded by beautiful views and provides a constant source of inspiration. An awareness of the changing seasons is always present in her art. It is evident from Samantha’s accomplished and sensitively observed studies of nature that she has a deep appreciation and love for this wonderful area.


  • A defining characteristic of her style is a feeling of space and depth within the picture whereby the viewer is drawn into the painting. This skilful technique involves an interplay of shifts in scale and tone, linear, aerial and colour perspective. She likes to work from life as her paintings are a personal response to what she sees and the feelings that are generated from that and the beauty that nature has to offer us. Warm sun, gentle breezes or Autumn mists gently settling and giving way to soft muted hues are all evocatively conveyed. Sunny splashes of colour can be seen in her paintings of daffodils, irises and bluebells either depicted as growing wild within the landscape or close up growing in their natural environment. It is for these very qualities that Samantha’s widely published work has become well known and sought after. Indeed her paintings are held in private collections throughout the world including the United States, Canada, Australia, New Zealand and throughout Europe.


  • People are not only drawn to Samantha’s paintings but those who have attended her classes also find her to be an inspiring and incredibly effective teacher. Samantha finds the combination of delivering courses and one to one creativity coaching gives her the perfect balance to her creative career. Together they give a healthy combination of extroverted and introverted time; in fact she puts so much focused energy into each,that one would be hard to maintain without the other. Samantha is always happy to welcome visitors to her studio but if you are making a special journey then it is advisable to ring first.

Open daily 10am-5pm

Entry free