Contemporary landscape painting

30th March – 5th April 2016

  • This is an exhibition of new contemporary landscape paintings created using a variety of traditional and non-traditional materials and techniques. I am a local artist who lives and works in Cheltenham and most of my work is based on local scenes.
  • I have a MFA in sculpture but now enjoy expressing my ideas through drawing and painting. My sculpture training has given me a fascination and appreciation of the properties and characteristics of materials.
  • I enjoy layering materials, combining media and experimenting with the different marks and effects that contrasting media can offer. I am interested in expressing a relationship to the environment and capturing the mood, feeling and atmosphere of a place rather than a purely representational depiction.

Open Daily 10am – 5pm

Entry free

1m-x-1m-blue 3-posts-blue blue seascape crag entering-darkness pylons-snow