Susan Cridland, Abbie Phillips, Katie Tattersall, Zoe Kavanagh

27 February – 5 March


  • The artwork showing in this exhibition is from four women ranging in age from their 20’s to 50’s, three of whom are local artists.  They are all studying in the second year of the B.A. Fine Art course at the University of Gloucestershire.  As this second year is a time of experimentation, it gives the viewer a chance to look ‘at work in progress’, such as sketchbooks, as well as final pieces of artwork.  Some pieces may be finished, or they may later be added to or transformed in some way, or they may be part of a larger body of work that will emerge with time.  The themes driving each artist are consistently expressed in their individual artwork.   Hence the title ’Obsessions’.


  • Susan Cridland

Susan works with colour and the human figure,  experimenting with    both to give a sense of emotion and personality. Her paintings and drawings have a bold gestural vibrancy of colour and movement. The imagery is sometimes abstract but often with figurative elements.


  • Abbie Phillips

Abbie’s drawings reflect a psychological state where thoughts and self-reflection are abandoned allowing instinctive mark making that contrasts with the conscious. The viewer becomes lost in the mesh of unordered marks that contrast with labyrinth of conscious geometric lines.


  • Katie Tattersall

Katie’s abstract paintings concern the pervasiveness of obsessive thoughts that can swarm and multiply. The white space represents the thoughts while colour and texture suggest the emotions surrounding the thoughts. Her artwork evolves through the process of making it.


  • Zoe Kavanagh

Zoe is interested in the beauty of skin in areas of the body often unseen or hidden away. Her paintings explore the surface of the skin, and as with her dolls, question sexuality and sensuality. She is fascinated by the challenges of what is at ‘odds’ with the ‘norms’ of society.

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