29 MARCH – 3 APRIL 2012


  • Cheltenham artist and retired architect Michael Paul swapped his drawing board and set square for an easel and oil paints around two years ago.


  • Embarking upon an art access course at Stroud College, he uncovered a remarkable artistic talent and is now a prolific painter.


  • Michael’s ‘Sideways Glances’ Exhibition at the Gardens Gallery of around 35 paintings will showcase his best work.


  • The collection uses the streets of Cheltenham, London, Edinburg, Paris and Sicily to provide fascinating backdrops to the mysterious subjects, captured in ‘freeze frame moments’.


  • Almost every painting allows the viewer to make their own judgements on what is really happening.  In doing so, they will complete the story as to whether the painting shows furtive glances between strangers, or sullen silence between old friends.


  • ‘Not everything is spelled out,’ says Michael.  ‘It is my intention to allow people to make their own judgements as one person’s idea of what is going on will be quite different from another.  I do hope visitors to the Gallery will enjoy putting their interpretation on the story behind my work.’
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