29th July – 4th August 2015

Amy Farrer and Emily Jefferson


  • Amy and Emily both graduated with a BA (Hons) in Fine Art, Painting from Bath Spa in 2008. Amy works locally as an Art Teacher and Emily works in Fashion. They have both been creating work regularly for the past few years in their studios. This exhibition depicts their recent works and shows a contrast of themes and mediums.


Amy Farrer

  • Amy Farrer is a young local artist from Gloucestershire who is inspired by her childhood memories.
  • A consistent underlying theme has been her interest in nostalgia, memory and subconscious recollections. It could be just a single colour, texture or line that triggers the memory or even just the mood that a painting evokes. She paints freely, capturing the memory of a moment rather than its reality, pouring her thoughts onto the canvas with brush strokes that are free and filled with vibrant colour. These latest oil paintings combine tranquil scenes with almost macabre and mysterious figures. The mark making is intrinsic to creating these emotions and the viewer is left to wonder on a story untold.
  • Amy’s work is incredibly personal allowing a glimpse into the past that is both nostalgic and strangely uplifting.


Emily Jefferson

  • Emily Jefferson is a young artist from London with a collection of paintings, illustrations and fashion.
  • Emily’s watercolour illustrations are created using fluid techniques with watercolour and ink on paper.  From these paint splashes and blotches, faces and creatures emerge and are created.  These often range from very organic images resembling fossils, shells and stone to clownish figures with a nightmarish quality.
  • Fashion is a huge influence and very important to the little creatures ideal. Emily has printed her illustrations onto beautiful silk scarves which compliment the fluidity of the water colour paints and inky line drawing.
  • Emily’s acrylic paintings follow on from this idea concentrating on the portrait and breaking the barriers of gender that we are confined to in everyday society.


Open daily 10am-5pm

Entry Free


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