Mary Grundy

18 – 23 July 2013


  • Mary has previously enjoyed a very successful career as a Business Development & commercial Director for more than 20 years.  She balanced her career with the demands of raising and nurturing her three children.


  • Mary’s love and passion for art has been with her from a very young age, with a determination to explore her desire to make art a significant part of her life made the decision to leave behind her business career to focus full time on her true passion.


  • Mary’s art really took hold in 2006 when she exhibited her work for the first time at the Global Head office of the mobile communications company; Vodafone; in Newbury, Berkshire. The canvasses exhibited included portraits, figure work, and landscapes, incorporating vibrant colour and light aspects; even three-dimensional techniques, which captivated and inspired many who attended the exhibition.


  • This early success encouraged Mary to travel further afield to Venice, Provence and Morocco where she developed her love for sensuous rich colour, bold distinctive settings and free flowing yet refined style.


  • Having spent the past five years travelling with some renowned artists, who have helped Mary to develop and explore the many facets that make an artist develop their inner creative energy by using many differing mediums to express her talent, this is complimented by Mary’s belief that within each person there is an artist.


  • Mary is currently studying as a student of Trevor Waugh renowned international Artist, at his studio in Cheltenham to further develop her skills as a professional artist.


  • Former Paratrooper and Officer in the British Army, Julian took up photography at the age of 19, with an old Praktica camera and a healthy imagination.


  • Having taken his hobby round the world with the army, Julian made a career in security, since 2002, when his hobby took a back seat for a while, when he ran his own security company in Bristol for 10 years.


  • A gift from his wife Amanda, a “digital” 35mm Nikon, rekindled a fire and passion in Julian, and living in one of the most beautiful parts of the country – The Cotswolds, the rest is history.


  • Walking Zak (see photo) early each morning, come rain or shine allows Julian to capture the many moods offered around the place where he lives and on his travels – the result is some truly evocative “scene scapes” and pictures.


  • The “Cotswold Scape” collection…


  •  All pictures are one off pieces of photographic art, each with a bio of the picture on the back and signed by Julian.


  • All the frames are hand made in beech, stained in black or brown, and treated with beeswax, for a silky feel and better protection

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