Martin Piercy – Photographs
David Pugh – Collages
2nd – 8th December 2015

The photographs by Martin Piercy are taken from an archive of 20,000+ images which spans almost 50 years, and includes both traditional silver-based and digital technologies. They are examples covering a number of photographic genres: portrait, self-portrait, landscape and the built environment, abstract, photomontage, close-up, black and white, and image manipulation.

David Pugh assembles and creates collages using an eclectic and constantly varying range of materials and techniques, using scissors, scalpels, glue, paper, paints, inks, card, books, magazines, photographs, mirrors, figurines, lights, found objects. Large or small, framed or mounted, simple or complex, each one is unique.

Open daily 10am-5pm
Entry Free

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