28 August – 10 September 2013


  • Lorna Rankin – paintings and print editions
  • Lyn Clarke – paintings and scarves
  • Denise Lonsdale – enamels
  • Simon Melican – pottery


Lorna Rankin

  • I primarily work in watercolour in a technique I have developed through experiment and some tuition.  I trained as a graphic designer at John Moores University in Liverpool and worked in advertising for many years, during which I began to do more illustration.  From this has come a shift to exhibiting work and publishing print editions.
  • My choice of subject is influenced by a desire to combine structure with fluidity, for which watercolour is well suited.  Starting with a loose wash and allowing colours to flow into each other, I add detail afterwards, keeping layers of paint to a minimum to preserve the glowing properties of watercolour.
  • Recently I have been developing a more abstracted style, for which I use acrylics.  My compositions are arrived at through combining elements from many sketches around a theme.
  • Website: www.lornarankinartist.co.uk


Denise Lonsdale

  • Denise has been a keen artist since childhood, and has worked in a variety of media over the years but always comes back to making three dimensional work. Through the 1990s her focus was almost exclusively on ceramics, but since returning to Bristol in 2000 she has also worked in glass and metal. This experience has contributed to her interest in enamelling which combines aspects of each of these media. Whilst not conventionally thought of as “three dimensional” the opportunity for using metals together with techniques such as etching to build textures and shapes in conjunction with the brilliance of the colours really make these pieces stand out.
  • Denise has exhibited at galleries and various venues in and around Bristol, as well as at the Marwell International Wildlife Art Exhibition at Marwell Zoo in Hampshire. She is also a member of the North Bristol Artists group.


Simon Melican

  • Simon has enjoyed playing with fire and mud since very young. Having learned to throw at an evening class in 1993 he was quickly hooked on ceramics and it has proven to be an ideal medium to explore his interests in texture and form.
  • On returning to Bristol in 2000, Simon gradually established his studio at home where he has been able to spend time experimenting with different clays and glazes, incorporating unusual ingredients and a variety of firing techniques. The result has been a range of work which whilst all start off wheel-thrown, are ultimately quite diverse.
  • Simon has exhibited at various galleries and venues in Bristol and is a member of the North Bristol Artists group.


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