An Exhibition of Photography by members of Cheltenham Camera Club

16-29 July 2014


  • Cheltenham Camera Club is proud of being the seventh oldest Camera Club in Great Britain. It was founded in 1865 in the home of Dr E T Wilson, father of Edward Wilson who perished with Captain Scott in the Antarctic. Next year heralds the 150th Anniversary of Cheltenham Camera Club and plans are in process to celebrate the occasion with a programme of activities and events throughout 2015.


  • This Exhibition at The Gardens Gallery, 16-29 July, 2014 provides an excellent opportunity not only to advertise Cheltenham Camera Club and to promote the work of its members but also to bring the Club into the forefront of the general public as a precursor to the 2015 Celebrations.


  • The work on display provides a glimpse into the broad photographic palette of Cheltenham Camera Club members as illustrated by the following 23 photographers: Anthony Siddall, Brian Swinyard, Colin Sanders, Dave Hyett, David Adamson, Ewa Makas, Graham Wakefield, Ian Gee, Janice Clark, Joe Walsh, John white, John Woodland, Karin Wilson, Keith Cooper, Linda Kirkhope, Martin Fry, Michael Krier, Paul Jay, Peter Makas, Richard Cherry, Richard McCleery, Rob Colley and Terry Harrison.


  • The Exhibition embraces the genres of creative, landscape, nature, portrait and travel photography and presents images within a traditional and contemporary perspective. It offers a visual pot-pourri of colour, monochrome and infra-red prints which provides a flavour of the individual photographer’s interests.


  • In-camera and in-computer techniques have been used to good effect to produce images that make the viewer stop and question the traditional concepts of reality and think about the emotional content of photographic images that transcend into something more than a mere record.


  • All prints are offered for sale.



Open daily 10am – 5pm

Entry Free

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