16th – 22nd March 2016

  • Janet and Sally are both Cotswold based contemporary landscape artists.

They have worked together at Newlyn School of Art throughout 2015


Janet James

  • Janet lives and works in Cheltenham.
  • Over the years Janet’s love of painting has led her to experiment with oils, watercolours, pastels and acrylics. This lifelong passion for art has filtered into her teaching where she has encouraged children; from mainstream and special needs schools, to explore their creativity by using a range of natural and manmade materials.
  • Janet left teaching in 2013 giving her the time and space to develop her practice. Working in her studio Janet has been able to fully explore techniques and materials when creating abstracted land and seascapes. Janet is drawn towards the reflective qualities of water and the dynamics of seas and coastlines, as well as unfamiliar landscapes that she has experienced.
  • Janet says… ‘My intention is to convey an emotional response to the landscape within my paintings. The autumn sunlight on the lakes of Woodchester and Miserden ,the cold greys of icy lochs convey moments of peace and tranquility. Walks along the Cornish coast reflect the dynamics of the seas and coastline and the undulating landscapes of the Cotswold’s are all influential to the images I create on canvas.
  • When traveling Janet is drawn towards rivers and lochs and reflected images, of manmade and nature, which together contribute to vivid memories of colours and shapes reflected in the water.’
  • The works are predominantly created using acrylic and oil paints.This is applied to canvas, paper or board using brushes, palette knives, fingers and sponges. This process of layering and removing paint helps to create an atmospheric quality to the work, alluding to more than simply a physical interpretation of the landscape.
  • The work comes from a series of reportage sketches and first-hand photographic reference. The next stage of the process is more experimental; this allows Janet to work more instinctively encouraging those incidental accidents and more unpredictable outcomes.
  • The juxtaposition of simple textures, fragmented and blurred images, contrast of medium and study of form and texture within photographs convey abstract and contemporary landscapes.
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Sally Wyatt

  • Art was Sally’s passion from childhood, she was university educated in sciences and started at Liberty’s on a long career related to art history, textiles, craft and design. Self study and practice of Fine Art came later with mentoring from leading Cornwall artists associated with The Newlyn School of Art.
  • My art is inspired by walking and collecting small findings. The upper reaches of the Thames, the Windrush and the gentle Chiltern and Cotswold hills are home territory. The West Country gives me rugged coasts and I have life long familiarity with the Lakeland fells.
  • To begin I use charcoal, graphite and paint rapidly with delicate water soluble washes. The sketches sometimes emerge as fresh and exciting paintings but they are also the aide-memoires that take me back to the place, form or atmosphere that had first captured my curiosity. Mostly painting in oil, inspiration leads me further towards abstraction, producing enigmatic and deeply textural art.
  • Fragility and decay in life and the power of the erosive forces on earth are my enduring themes. Pieces evolve slowly through imagination, alchemy and much reworking. Parallels are revealed as I try to manipulate surfaces to portray beauty perceived in the chaos and transience of a complicated landscape. I experience pure pleasure and absolute absorption from the creativity.
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Open Daily 10am-5pm

Entry Free

Across the Canals 2 Across the Lake Canal Reflection-Netherlands Crazy Water Fragments of an Icy Loch Marram Reeds and Lilies 2 Sea, Salt and Sand 1 Through the Gorse Through the Long Grass triptych aross the canals