Fruits of a Second Life – an exhibition of oil paintings and sculpture

Jeanne Arno and Peter Chamberlain

19 -25 June 2013


  • After a demanding career in academic and clinical medicine in Cambridge, Jeanne Arno left East Anglia for the woods and hills of Gloucestershire.  Inspired by the change of scene and finally having the time to indulge an early love, her second life could begin – as a painter.


  • Over the years this passion had been maintained only with pen and ink sketches or small watercolours, often documenting her worldwide travels. Now, retirement has brought the opportunity to paint regularly, including joining a group run by local artist and teacher, Rob Collins.


  • This summer’s exhibition showcases her work over the last five years, exploring painting in oils and developing different themes. Her fervent love of rich colour is demonstrated by the strength of a group of still life paintings in both traditional and contemporary styles. We also will see the first of a growing collection of landscapes inspired by our local countryside as well as rural France. In addition there are a few of her more romantic works of the imagination, evocative of a time or a place, suggesting a story.


  • Jeanne’s paintings are complemented by the wood sculptures of another passionate artist. Peter Chamberlain, who pursued sculpture as a student but trained as a graphic designer at The London College of Printing.


  • Initially joining Campbell Smith & Co, who undertook prestigious decorative projects including the Houses of Parliament, Peter then established an interior design partnership, the earliest to reintroduce eighteenth century paint techniques into modern homes. Always drawn back to work in three dimensions he was soon recognised for his innovative fitted and free standing furniture designs.


  • He soon required further studio space and left London for the Forest of Dean over thirty years ago, where he has crafted unique furniture to commission in his workshop, always with a strong sculptural element. A retrospective exhibition of his work was held in London at the Millinery Gallery in 2002. Recently, however, he too has been able to return to his first love, enjoying his own second life, carving pieces of oak, spelted sycamore, yew and walnut into pure sculpture.


  • Please come and visit the gallery in June, meet Jeanne and Peter and see the fruits of their “Second Lives” for yourself.


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