4th-10th March 2015

François Baudé, Pascale B. and Caloun


  • Art with a ‘French Touch’ A view of François Baudé – Photographer, Pascale B. – Painter and Caloun – Graphist, Art for the little ones.


  • Caloun is an artist working with paper. The portraits she paints give the impression that people are revealing themselves, emerging through an accumulation of details. But what better than those fragments of paper cuts and colours could reflect the delicate and complex nature of humanity… but they also carry “richness” and beauty.
    Email: Pascaleb.book@sky.com


  • François Baudé likes paris and presents of it in an unexpected way. This young photographer of “instantanés” loiters into the city searching for the detail that will bring the unusual … Because only that is able to unveil the poetry hidden in the heart of the urban environment.


Open daily 10am-5pm

Entry Free

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