Lisa Lavery, Nicky Fordyce, Lucy Gresley and Denise Cain

22 – 28 May 2013


  • ‘Fourthoughts’ – an exhibition of innovative art and photography by four Gloucestershire-based artists:


  • Lisa’s passion is traditional, alternative and camera-less photography. The body of work on show is predominately camera-less and includes a recent Cyanotype project; a series of contact printed foliage, leaves and seed heads entitled ‘Liberty Series’ and a camera-less sequence of photograms inspired by Lewis Carroll’s ‘Alice in Wonderland’. The feature of Lisa’s exhibited work is a large-scale photogram – a full-size bicycle measuring approximately 5ft x 4ft, composed of 30 individual pieces.


  • Nicky’s photographic pieces utilise the technique of painting with light; she uses explorative light and long exposures to illuminate her subject. Inspired by personal and family relationships, her work includes a series of delicately lit body-scapes and abstracted, ethereal imagery.


  • Lucy finds inspiration in the human condition, what life means and how people relate to each other.  Her thoughts and dreams shape and inform her work in the hope they will resonate with others. Whilst drawing is at the heart of Lucy’s practise, she experiments with different media and techniques to explore and develop her ideas.


  • Denise’s work in photography, printmaking and sculpture features pieces inspired by the fragility of life and relationships. Materiality is a major influence and through a range of media she explores and expresses tranquillity and beauty. Denise is currently undertaking some personal explorations that make connections with her past and seek to preserve the unique, precious moments and memories that inform her art.


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