Four Cotswold Artists

Alison Robertson-Goff, Nicholas Rainey, Anne Bate Williams, Michelle Watling.

29 May – 4 June 2013

  • Alison Robertson-Goff

Flowers hold beauty beyond words.  Working with oils to capture the fluidity of a flower’s movement and the intensity of its colours.  When the inspiration for the painting has long since wilted and died, the image will live on. New work includes developments in applying acrylic in more abstract paintings. Exhibited in the Cheltenham Open Studio and at The Gardens Gallery 2011. Work held in private collections.

  • Nicholas Rainey

Continually intrigued and motivated by the human form with all its expressions of emotion, movement and character and by man’s link with the animal kingdom, capturing their human traits and the man/beast bond.  Working on limited editions in bronze, resin and cement, this exhibition shows experiments with cast-in decoration on cement figures. Exhibited at the Royal West of England Academy, Winchcombe Festival and the Gardens Gallery 2011.  Bronzes held in private collections.

  • Anne Bate-Williams

Enjoying more time to develop interests in painting, ceramics and collagraphy.  Expressing connections to heritage, forefathers and family with the use of photographs, of man’s endeavours and monuments of faith, with mixed media to build images organically out of personal views and experience.  Exhibited with the Wilton Art Group since 2007.  Work held in private collections.

  • Michelle Watling

Bespoke hand knitted jewellery using silver and enamel copper wire enhanced with crystals and pearls.


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What’s Next?

  • Maintenance The outside of the gallery has been repainted.
  • New Lighting The main lighting in the gallery has been replaced with energy efficient LED lights which provides
    lower power consumption, a sensation of greater space giving enhanced upward lighting and warmer light on walls and screens

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