Dan Young, Daily 5 Years and Counting

Dan Young

27 November – 3 December 2013


  • Cheltenham based artist, Dan Young has reached a major milestone in his quest to produce a painting every day by completing his fifth year of the project. Dan has been creating an original picture and blogging about it every day since 24th November 2008, an achievement which will total 1826 consecutive days of painting by the end of the fifth year.
  • To celebrate this achievement Dan will be holding an exhibition, Dan Young, Daily, Five Years and Counting at the Gardens Gallery from the 28th November to 3rd December 2013. The show will have highlights from each of the five years including a number of works for sale.
  • Dan Young, Daily was started as a way of Dan forcing himself to commit to making regular artwork. In the first year he completed 365 small oil paintings of objects that related to his day. Dan enjoyed the discipline of the project and decided to complete a second year, progressing onto daily watercolour paintings. Year three went back to oil painting and in year four Dan changed the focus of the work to encompass his interest in digital art creating an iPad drawing every day. Year five has seen Dan take a different approach again, producing one large painting to which he adds a new element daily. This painting will be revealed in its completed form for the first time at the exhibition.
  • Not satisfied with five years Dan is already planning year six and intends to enjoy a year using a wider variety of materials allowing him to diversify more throughout the year and explore what drawing and painting means to him.


  • Other events

Workshop – Drawing and Daily Inspiration – 1st December 2:30pm – 5pm

Price: £25

Contact: dan@danyoungart.co.uk

Free Talk, Dan will talk about his project Dan Young, Daily – 2nd December 7pm- 8pm

For more information on Dan and his work or to make contact please visit his website or blog on the details below.


Contact Details website – www.danyoungart.co.uk

blog – www.danyoungdaily.blogspot.com

email – dan@danyoungart.co.uk

twitter- @danyoungdaily pinterest – danyoungdaily

mob – 07954139721


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