Paintings and Prints

Arthur Penn and Stephen Belinfante

22nd – 28th June 2016


  • ‘Changing Visions’ in July 1988 was the first Gloucestershire Schools Art show held in the Cathedral cloisters.  It was here that Arthur and Stephen, working for the County Education department, directed this wonderful event and forged their friendship. Their careers followed parallel paths, county school advisers and inspectors in art, design and the performing arts in Oxfordshire and Worcestershire. This exhibition at the Gardens Gallery brings them together again after 28 years.


  • Arthur Penn 

Arthur has explored a variety of printmaking media such as etching, collograph, and woodcut but finds the simplicity of the linocut the most beguiling. The content of Arthur’s prints is drawn from his house and garden and the hedgerows of Nailsworth. There are familiar plants from all seasons, and objects and curios from a series called ‘Shelf Life’. The form of Arthur’s work is black and white, sinuous and organic. There is an obsession with line and way it wanders. Bryony tendrils spiral, elm grain swirls, and alliums become fireworks; breaking out of their frame.  The prints are a celebration of life and the vital need ‘not to go gentle into that good night’


  • Stephen Belinfante

Stephen makes paintings using a variety of materials, ranging from collaged paper to acrylic and household paints, gaffer tape and bleach!

His primary concern is playing games with colour, shape and space and Stephen’s main inspiration comes from the work of Howard Hodgkin, Terry Frost and the Cornish abstract expressionists.

It has been said that Stephen’s work is a riot of vibrant colour, great fun and full of life.


Open Daily 10am – 5pm

Entry free

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