5 – 11 September 2012


  • Heather Mansell-Jones

Diploma Central School of Arts and Crafts, London

BSc. (hons) Psych University College, Swansea

MA History of Modern Art Falmouth College of Art, Cornwall

  • After an eventful life I moved to Cheltenham several years ago and had more time to paint and draw for pleasure and creative excitement. This will be the     third exhibition at The Gardens Gallery that I have shared with fellow artist and friend, Annette Harrod. We are looking forward to another successful and enjoyable week with this current exhibition – Caught in Time.
  • This collection of work attempts to capture the drama and excitement of using the Oxford museums for drawing and study – The Natural History, Pitt-Rivers and Ashmolean museums. The subject matter and natural forms offer infinite possibilities for interpretation, ranging from the narrative to the abstract. I rediscovered a sense of wonder at the stories that lay quietly in the cabinets and have tried to record that wonder through contemporary eyes using drawing and collage as my tools. As a contrast to that intensity there are also some works in a lighter, more playful mood.


  • Annette Harrod

BA University of Gloucester

MA in Fine Art (printmaking) University of Gloucester

  • My current work is influenced by the birth of my first grandchild – an event of great happiness. My theme for this exhibition features bunting with all its association of celebration and joy. I always work instinctively and explore my chosen subject in a variety of ways, floating between description a abstraction. My printmaking techniques vary from collographs, etchings, screen-printing and linocuts. Each image is unique although I might work through a theme until I have completed all the possibilities. I am hoping to communicate a strong emotional connection with the viewer.


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