Mel Cross

  23-29 April 2014

  • ‘My inspiration comes from my fascination, or perhaps obsession, with what lies behind and between the physical forms of people, and their effect on physical place.  I’m all about connecting with and expressing essences and vibrations.’
  • ‘Being Human’ is a vibrant collection of acrylic paintings depicting emotions or aspects of what it is to be human, using line, colour and texture in a raw and spontaneous way.  ‘Resonance’ is a collection of exquisite digital work from charcoal drawings of the memories and vibrations of St Mary’s church in Painswick.
  • For me it’s all about the line; created from the dot – from no-where.  What fascinates, drives, enthrals and compels me to create is that point of nothingness.  No thought, idea, concept.  Empty nothingness from where the dot creates the line, line creates form, form creates solidity – matter.  The nothing, the empty, spews forth time after time; image after image.  No thought or filter of the mind.  From the void to creation via the line.  Whether the line comes from pencil, paint, charcoal, scratched, drawn or painted it doesn’t matter.  I am a conduit which brings nothingness into form.
  • Through my work I try to capture ‘essence’.  I don’t try to illustrate the physical nature of form – we can experience this via our senses.  I try to capture the essential nature of form.  The inter-dimensional resonance – the imprint the physical makes in the Universe.
  • Every moment is perfection – it hangs in time and space – perfectly.  We miss it; each and every time.  Distracted by ‘mind’ and the physical nature of being.
  • If I keep out of the process and allow the creative process filter-less, unguided, un-manipulated expression, the art lives and is created by itself.  It becomes what it is through its own energy, its own vibration, its own direction.  I provide the hand, the materials and the unquenchable thirst to create.  If I begin to try and consciously manipulate the work it dies.  So I keep conscious thought in check, and allow the work to speak for itself.


  • Biography:  Teacher.

Animal behaviourist.



But now (and beneath each previous incarnation) artist – in every cell, thought and moment.

  • Currently curator and resident artist of The Patchwork Mouse – art cafe, Painswick Gloucestershire

Open Daily 10am – 5pm

Entry Free


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