2-8 November 2016


  • Artistree is a Ledbury based co-operative who are a contemporary art group in an ancient building, as we now occupy the top floor of the Heritage Building.
  • Our work is varied and eclectic and incorporates a sense of fun and function while being inspiring and challenging.
  • Each person exhibiting has a different view of the world and their expression reflects this from photography to paint, from clay to scrap metal and the use of books to make sculptures.
  • This is undoubtedly and exciting exhibition.


Jan Thompson

Jan likes to incorporate a sense of fun in her work, is interested in form and finds inspiration in the beauty that surrounds us all.


Anna Cummings

“Anna is an oil painter with a fascination for the sea and sky. She strives to capture light, and also loves to experiment with colour.”


Alan Richardson

I work in all mediums with materials and objects ”found” along the way. The materials keep their original shape but enter into a new configuration.


Paul Jillard

These delicate photographs of interior details transcend pure documentation to create images capturing the emotional effect of interior spaces.

They offer neither factual representation nor abstract imagery, but instead induce a calm contemplative atmosphere in which the viewer is left to transpose their own thoughts and musings.


Brian Richardson

The Blue Acrylic on Deep sided canvas

I frequently use music to free my mind from thinking. On this occasion, I was using David Gilmour “On an Island”. This is the result.


Nicola Jedrzejczak

Specialising in Book Arts and focusing primarily (but not limited to) paper art.  Taking time to focus on the calm and beauty we can find within ourselves, our creativity and unexpected objects.


Rachel Padley 

I produce a range of domestic ware including mugs jugs and bowls, which are finished in colourful glazes. I also make sculptures for the garden, including Green man plaques.

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Open Daily 10am – 5pm

Entry Free


Mycelium - layered paper cut - 2016