Cheltenham Group of Artists


Founded in 1920, the Cheltenham Group of Artist’s aim was to bring together local professional artists to hold joint exhibitions of their work.

Almost a century on, the Group seek to promote an interest in and understanding of contemporary visual arts through a regular programme of exhibitions and educational activities in the area.


  • The Group’s exhibitions are widely varied in style, approach and technique.  The membership includes abstract and representational painters, illustrators, printmakers, textile artists and sculptors.  They are always keen to attract members of all ages working in both contemporary as well as traditional media with the aim of expanding the range of work and representing current art directions.



Cheltenham Art Club

  • Cheltenham Art Club is a not-for-profit association run by artists for artists and is one of the largest and most active art clubs in the UK.  Membership is open to any adult who enjoys painting and drawing in any media whatever their ability.  Standards range from basic drawing skills to members who regularly exhibit at The Royal West of England Show and London galleries.  Some of the new members have not picked up a paint brush since their schooldays.


  • Members have the opportunity to paint together, sharing ideas and learning new skills whilst enjoying what they are doing.  All groups have a leader who, along with other members, offers informal advice and encouragement.


  • The Club also runs occasional short courses for beginners and improvers, with some classes for specific media and subjects.  With a large studio space and excellent facilities in Cheltenham’s Lower High Street area the Club aims to provide a friendly and relaxed atmosphere in which to paint and socialise with those who have similar interests.


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Cotswold Art Club


  • The Cotswold Art Club, founded in 1931, seeks through mutual help and support to encourage its members in pictorial art, sculpture and outdoor sketching, with meetings for criticism of work, talks and exhibitions.


  • Regular meetings are held on Saturday afternoons from October to March, on the third Saturday of each month.  Three full day tutored workshops are arranged during the year.  In the summer, members meet occasionally at pre-arranged venues for outdoor sketching and painting.


  • Over the years, the club has aimed to keep the standard of work high.  Two exhibitions are held during one year, one in spring and the Annual Exhibition later in the summer.



The Fosseway Artists


  • The Fosseway Artists became established around 1949 with the object of providing local artists with opportunities to exhibit and sell their work.


  • Over the years, their objective has remained the same, with exhibitions held twice a year, in the Spring and Autumn.  Exhibitions are held in the prestigious Compton Cassey Gallery, situated near Withington in Gloucestershire.  In order to maintain high standards of work, they invite two guest Selectors, from outside the Society, for each exhibition.  The sole criterion for selection is quality of work.


  Cheltenham Open Studios

  • Cheltenham Open Studios is a not-for-profit association run by artists for artists. Like other Open Studios organisations around the country, it is evolving out of an art festival event into a thriving community of artists.


  • By networking artists together, Cheltenham Open Studios aims to raise the profile of visual arts in the area, make people aware of the diversity of talent on their doorsteps, pursue new funding opportunities and inspire and encourage local artists.


  • Every two years, at the beginning of June, they put on a major event where nearly 200 artists open their homes and studios to the public. Well promoted throughout Cheltenham and its surrounds, this format has proven to be an extremely successful way of engaging people directly with the art being created in the area.