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The Gardens were originally developed in the early 1800's and its centrepiece is the Bandstand.

Facing the Bandstand is the Proscenium Building where we now have our Gallery.

Follow for a history of the gardens and for information about Friends of the Bandstand and Gardens(FOMBAG).


  1. There is wheelchair access to the gallery from the path between the tennis courts and the gallery.
  2. For exhibitors delivering their work, there is a locked bollard to be removed at the gardens entrance. See link below for details.
  3. Unfortunately, there is no disabled parking in the gardens.
  4. Exhibitors should take care to design their exhibition layout with wheelchair use in mind.

For full information about accessibility, please follow this link:


 Typical annual foot-fall is 22000.

If we take out the impact of Festivals then the weekly average is 400 per week.

This varies according to the variables of weather, social media, networking, number of artists, and the appeal of the Exhibition


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