Hazel Morris, Nat Morley and Jane Vernon.

13 – 19 November 2013

  • Another Beastly Art Exhibition shows work by Hazel Morris, Nat Morley and Jane Vernon. All their work carries influences from the natural world and animals in particular and their styles combine to create an exhibition with ‘wow factor’.


  • Hazel Morris creates bold one-off cast silver pieces and a wide range of more delicate pieces in precious and mixed metals. Some of her more recent work incorporates the use of coloured resins.


  • Nat Morley specialises in relief printmaking. She captures a feeling of movement, vitality and humour, in particular in her bold, lively images of creatures with ‘attitude’.


  • Jane Vernon works in textiles and ceramics. Both her painted and stitched textiles and cheerful functional pottery are influenced by landscape and gardens or populated with lizards, fish, and chickens.



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