Susanna Davies and Esther Simpson

14 – 20 August 2013


  • Seas, Mountains and Woodlands. Birds of prey, Cats, Cows and Chickens. Two artists who have grown up in Gloucestershire, share their personal encounters. They have drawn from escapist moments by the sea, favourite pathways within the Forest of Dean, family walks up May hill and chance sightings of birds of prey.


  • Both sisters share a fascination in the natural surfaces that surround us. Susanna Davies is a Fine Arts Graduate and Esther Simpson is a Fashion Design graduate. This is their first collaborative exhibition.


  • ‘A Special Place To Be’ Exhibition will run daily from Wednesday 14th – Tuesday 20th August, 10am-5pm at the Gardens Gallery, Cheltenham. This wide range of highly accessible and affordable work is suitable for all ages. The show will contain fresh landscape painting, wildlife illustration, poetry and jewellery.


  • The artists are also happy to interpret your own Special Place To Be and chance encounters with personal commissions. Please email:


“A Special Place To Be” by Jane Simpson


A special place to be

My love and me

May hill is that place

Where we can be together free

Yet tied in loves bond


Fast of pace we climb

Eager to ascend

The track widens to reveal

The expanding grassy sea

Of tranquility


We battle against the wind

It’s power forcing our bodies back

In this exhilarating space


The trees ahead rise tall

Together rooted deep

They draw us in

A hideaway for two where

The gentle breeze blows

And we bathe in simple solitude

So much to say and yet

The need to say so little


Ahead beyond the trees

We like giants stand

Surveying our land and watch

The Severn river at our feet

Taking our secrets out to sea…


We turn back as the wind

Blows strong and forceful

Power to lean our bodies on

It pushes us forward

To resume our downward climb

We clamber light of foot

Spirits revived to revisit life’s pressures

And sharing Natures wealth inside.

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