David Pugh and Ryk Heuff: Collages and Watercolours

6th – 12th December 2017

  •  David Pugh assembles and creates collages (word origin: from Fr. collage “a pasting,” from O.Fr. coller “to glue,” from Gk. kolla “glue) using an eclectic and constantly varying range of materials and techniques, using scissors, scalpels, glue, paper, paints, inks, card, books, magazines, photographs, mirrors, figurines, lights, found objects. Large or small, framed or mounted, simple or complex, each one is unique. Inspirations include Joseph Cornell, Peter Blake, John Heartfield, Robert Rauschenberg, Max Ernst, Hannah Höch – the list is endless…
  • Ryk Heuff had a long career as a designer-visualiser in the U.K. and abroad, always using watercolours rather than the magic-marker technique to show the client a quick visual idea on paper, and while doing this he developed a passion for this medium.

    Having retired from advertising he carried on by teaching others the finer points of the art of watercolour in all its many facets in his studio in Charlton Kings.

    Among his favourite artists are Van Gogh, Turner, Breitner, Israels and Hockney. He has had exhibitions in London, Holland and the U.S.A.






    Open Daily 10am – 5pm

    Entry Free