Unearthed showcases four artists working closely with nature to unearth the real and surreal world we live in.

Lynne is a contemporary ceramicist working in SW London. She specialises in exploring the natural qualities of clay combined with small additions of other materials which have a natural synergy with the earth: metal, wood, glass, stone and sand.

Over the past few years Jo has been creating collagraph inspired by plants and flowers from the beautiful local countryside. As the seasons change, the landscape changes with it, giving Jo constant inspiration throughout the year. jobiggadike.co.uk

Danielle’s images are created mainly from the imagination. She creates lino prints – sometimes combined with collagraph – using flora, fauna, the green man and other mythical figures as her source of inspiration. danielleclarke.co.uk

Rebecca’s art practice is very much inspired by themes of the botanical and a love of horticulture. Drawn to the changeable optical qualities of glass and gold she uses them in combination with repetitive geometric forms and playful imagery within her work. rebeccalodwig.co.uk