June 2016 art e.bulletin

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  • The Gardens Gallery is approaching its 8th Birthday and its 300th Exhibition!
  • Some 260 artists exhibited their work during 2014/15
  • We are booked forward with exhibitions until the end of 2016.
  • Normally in December we would have most of the following year booked as well.
  • We purposely avoided this by not releasing the Booking Calendar for 2017 until mid December 2015.
  • Why? We want the Gallery to be more available.

Gallery Improvements over the last year.

  • Wi-Fi installed
  • Improved Seating
  • Bigger “A” Boards..Treble the impact for advertising.
  • Wider distribution for Art e-Bulletin
  • A top quality new floor installed January 2015
  • Whole Gallery professionally redecorated.

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