Exhibition Diary Links

I have entered all the events for 2019 into the new diary. They are only skeleton events at the moment apart from Claudia and Molly which has a bit more.

If you click on the event then more information is displayed including a featured image and a google map. You can get directions to the gallery on the map. 

I have made three sample website pages to display the diary in different formats:

Diary type 1

Diary type 2

Diary type 3

What’s Next?

  • Maintenance The east turret is in need of repair to prevent rain leaking in when the wind is in the ‘wrong’ direction. We hope to get this done during gallery downtime.
  • Hire Dates for 2022 The release of dates for hiring the gallery in 2022 is under review pending the availability of dates for events in the gardens.
  • New gallery layout

    What do you think of the new gallery layout?

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