Christina Rice and Sarah Smart

21st – 27th June 2017


  • An exhibition of paintings, drawings and photographs by Christina Rice and Sarah Smart.


  • Christina Rice has always been creative, drawing, painting and making throughout her life. Christina lives and works in Stroud, the main focus of her current practice is painting and drawing. Christina regularly exhibits and accepts commissions. Her work reflects her engagement with the natural world, seeking to capture seasonal changes through light, colour and texture. The countryside surrounding her home in Stroud provides her inspiration.


  • Sarah Smart lives and works in North Wiltshire, developing her identity as an artist exploring techniques and enjoying herself in the process. Sarah draws on her life experience, using it as a lens to focus her ideas and work. She draws inspiration from many sources nature and serendipity being two of the richest.

Sarah is an experimental artist combining materials and techniques to achieve a particular outcome. She uses the very different disciplines of drawing, painting and photography, often interchangeably, to explore subjects and ideas. Overall, any fine arts’ discipline can trigger a creative cascade that crosses into other media; Sarah is often surprised and delighted by the hybrids this process creates. Her use of colour informs her unique personal style, never painting in the same way twice.

Open daily 10am-5pm

Entry free