Two Painters From Stroud

18th – 24th November 2015

Nigel Westaway and Christina Rice


  • Following four years studying art together and a successful joint exhibition in Stroud in 2014, Chris and Nigel are now showing their work in a new environment.
  • Chris’s paintings are mostly based on woodland light, forms and textures, with delicate finishes which will draw you in for a closer look.
  • Nigel’s work is a mixture of intense and colourful still life, landscape and abstract painting plus some loose and lively charcoal drawings.
  • Most of the work will be for sale.


  • Nigel Westaway has had a lifelong interest in painting but only took it up seriously in 2010, following the death of his wife. In 2014 he was awarded an HND (with distinction) at Stroud College. Now that he has left the academic environment, and is no longer required to write essays on what he has just done, or intends to do next, he has settled into the practical demanding process of finding his own authentic way of painting. Consequently, his work covers a wide range of approaches, some of which may surprise the viewer. (They certainly continue to surprise him.)


  • Christina Rice has always been creative, painting, drawing and making throughout her life. Christina was born in Cheltenham, she now lives and works in Stroud. The current focus of her practise is painting and drawing. She entered formal Art education in 2010 attaining a HNC in 2013. She has exhibited in Gloucestershire and completed a number of commissions. Her work reflects her engagement with the natural world, seeking to capture seasonal changes through light colour and texture. The countryside surrounding her home in Stroud provides her inspiration.


Open daily 10am-5pm

Entry Free

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What’s Next?

  • Maintenance The outside of the gallery has been repainted.
  • New Lighting The main lighting in the gallery has been replaced with energy efficient LED lights which provides
    lower power consumption, a sensation of greater space giving enhanced upward lighting and warmer light on walls and screens

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