24th June -7th July 2015

Mark Setchell and Bridget McCarthy


  • A collaborative exploration of Timelessness – featuring the calm, minimalist mono photography of local photographer, Mark Setchell and the vibrant Sensual Art of Bridget McCarthy.


  • Mark Setchell
    • It is always a joy and a pleasure to be out and about with the camera, normally around sunrise and sunset when the light is at its most magnificent. A challenge too! To try and capture the beauty of our surroundings – whether it is a beautiful grand vista, a man-made canal or a simple rock, partially submerged in the sea. But the joy when it works makes it worth the getting up early, the searching for a good location, the getting soaked and the waiting for the light.
    • I find myself especially drawn to long exposures, particularly when I am beside the sea or a Scottish loch. These remove the hectic motion of the water and reveal the underlying structure. Likewise, I enjoy long night-time exposures which can also capture things the human eye cannot see. Maybe, I just enjoy the quiet, calm process of capturing the essence of what is there.
    • Mark has no formal training or qualifications in photography, and by day is an IT consultant.


  • Bridget McCarthy


    by Bridget McCarthy


    Everything in our cosmos spirals.

    Blood in veins spirals.

    Water down a plughole spirals.

    Entire galaxies spiral.


    I harness the movement of the spiral in the creative process:

    The painting is the spiral and the spiral the painting.


    The spiral is sacred.

    It’s sensual magic.

    Provides a portal to the source of all creativity:

    to oneness.


    I offer the spiral in my art to reconnect you as it reconnects me:

    to the infinite.


    Relax your eyes.

    Connect with the painting,

    you’re absorbed into the spiral…

    and the spiral is absorbed into you.

  • Bridget McCarthy is a professional artist, who’s developed her art over many years, has a degree in fine art, taught art and is a mother, grandmother and vibrant sensualist.


Open daily 10am-5pm

Entry Free

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