Hiring the Gallery



To date you have checked our Exhibitions Calendar and when you have found a week available which suits you then you have phoned Frances Arrow , filled in an application form and paid your deposit by cheque. Once the process had been completed then your exhibition would have been shown on the exhibition calendar….unfortunately this process was taking up to 2 months meaning that the calendar was not showing real availability. The result was that Frances was rarely off the phone!

For 2017 bookings you will now need to

  1. Read the revised Terms and Conditions shown below.
  2. Register on line which is available NOW two tabs on the same menu as this text.
Gardens Gallery Booking System for 2017
Modified Version to be made available for the end of January.
We launched our new online booking system on December 15th and received a flurry of bookings in the first 24 hours! However, over the course of the following week, we noticed some inaccuracies and system shortcomings such that we closed the system down just before Christmas with the intention of re-opening on January 11th.

Having analysed the issues we have now changed the software to a more direct booking system which obviates the need for the calendar: it is entitled

“Periods for Booking post 2016” under “Information for Artists”

So far we note that a third of you have registered: this is still a prerequisite before booking.

When the revised system goes live (including all your bookings to date) on February 1st we are sure you will agree the system is simple. By then we will have tested things thoroughly.

We apologise for any inconvenience and thank you for your patience.

When you look at the Booking Calendar for 2017 you will notice that there have been changes around the Literature and Jazz Festival dates:

  1. Instead of booking normally during this period we have re-arranged the Diary so that Exhibitions will last the duration of the Festivals.
  2. We have also decided not to let the Gallery for public exhibitions immediately before and after these Festivals because of the major negative impact on footfall. Instead the Gallery is open for hire, over 3 day periods, for events and exhibitions which are not dependent on footfall.
  3. The Festival periods with high footfall will be more expensive and we invite local artists to express their interest so that we can select the Exhibition which most complements the Festival in question. Please e mail me on bobjgower@gmail.com in the first instance.


November 2015 revised Terms and Conditions for 2017 bookings.

Gardens Gallery Conditions of Hire

  1. The Gallery is available to individual artists or groups of artists working in Gloucestershire. We also collaborate with The Wilson, The University of Gloucestershire, Art Clubs and Photographic Societies.
  2. It is not available for hire to individuals or entities looking to commercialise art produced by others.
  3. The focus is on original creative work which must represent the majority of the exhibits.
  4. As from January 1st 2017 we are limiting the maximum number of week -long bookings to two per Calendar year.
  5. 3 DAY HIRE. There will be more of these short hires available as from 2017. These periods fall at a time when foot-fall in the Gardens will most likely be below average. These periods are considered ideal for workshops, degree shows, art related meetings, demonstrations and lectures. The normal marketing support package is therefore not offered.
  6. 7 day hire or 14 day hire. For the majority of the year the hire period is for one week but you may also book two consecutive weeks but by booking each week separately.
  7. Bookings during Jazz and Literature Festivals from 2017 will be subject to a special application and selection process. The forms and explanations re the new policy can be found on our web site under Festivals.
  8. Hiring Charges are £280 for a standard week (Wednesday to Tuesday) and £100 for a 3 day period. Gardens Gallery CIC reserve the right to modify these rentals but once booked we will honour the hire fee at time of booking.
  9. REGISTERED GALLERY USER: You are advised to register well in advance of booking, Registration is free but an essential pre-cursor to booking.
  10. DEPOSIT. A £100 deposit is payable as part of the booking process. This has to be paid on line using Pay Pal. The system also accepts other regular bank cards. N.B. Your deposit is non-returnable if you subsequently cancel.
  11. CONFIRMATION OF BOOKING. You will receive this immediately.
  12. The balance needs to be paid 12 weeks in advance of your booking. You will receive a statement of your account at that time with request for payment.
  13. HANGING/DISMANTLING. The hirer is responsible for all hanging and dismantling as well as taking responsibility in the event of missing or damaged equipment: (It is very easy to walk away with hanging hooks in your pockets!). OUR MOST COMMON COMPLAINT IS THAT LONG HANGING LEADS HAVE BEEN CUT : PLEASE DO NOT CUT ANY HANGING LEADS !
  14. STEWARDING. The hirer is responsible for organising and briefing stewards. The Gallery must not be left open and unattended at any time during the opening hours. 2 stewards are recommended at any one time. Stewards must check that all doors are locked and lights are off in all rooms.
  15. OPENING HOURS FOR 7 day HIRING. The obligatory core hours are 10am to 5pm daily for all 7 days. On your opening day you are permitted to open later than 10am to have time to hang and display. On your closing day you are permitted to close at 4pm to facilitate dismantling.
  16. SUMMER HOURS. You may stay open until 9pm in the evening at your own discretion.
  17. OPENING HOURS FOR 3 DAY HIRING. No opening hours are stipulated.
  18. VEHICLES AND PARKING. There is strictly NO PARKING outside the Gallery except for during the Hanging period on the 1st day and the dismantling period on the last day. Do not park on the paved area given that this is not weight bearing. 2 Parking spaces are available behind the café for use by stewards.
  19. MAX SPEED AND SECURITY. Never drive at more than 5MPH inside the Gardens and always switch on your hazard warning lights.
  20. ACCESS TO GARDENS. The main vehicular access should always have bollards across. The central bollard has a combination padlock for which you will be given the code at your briefing. You must always replace the Bollard after entering and after leaving.
  21. WI-FI. You will be given the access codes for wi-fi at your briefing.
  22. INSURANCE. The Gallery holds public liability Insurance BUT you are responsible for insuring the art work being displayed and any other valuables you might have with you.
  23. FACILITIES. The toilet is not available to the general public but stewards, the disabled and staff from the cafe may use it (when public conveniences not accessible)
  24. HEALTH AND SAFETY. Please read the Stewards file on arrival and take note of the Health and Safety advice and other information.
  25. OUTSIDE ADVERTISING. We provide 3 large “open” banners and 2 large A Boards. These MUST be kept inside the Gallery at night and repositioned outside in the morning. Failure to comply will risk a charge in the event of damage through vandalism.
  26. PUBLICITY. The Hirer is responsible for promoting the exhibition. Gardens Gallery will deploy their best efforts to assist through established lines of communication through our own web site, the Art e-Bulletin and The Gloucestershire Echo but to facilitate you must plan to have marketing material ready 12 weeks before the Exhibition.
  27. HEAT LOSS. If you wish to keep the doors open that is absolutely fine but in that case you must have the heating switched off! ( We have managed to reduce electricity consumption by over 60% in the last 3 years: please help us to maintain this performance.

We thank you for your attention!