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  • Landscape artist Rupert Aker takes inspiration from scenes around the Cotswolds, aiming to capture the ever changing light on the land through the medium of oil painting.
  • Growing up in Devon, Rupert moved to Gloucestershire to take a degree at the Royal Agricultural College.  After a stint as a woodland manager, he worked for the Soil Association and painted over 100 organic farms throughout the country.
  • Moving to the top end of the Slad Valley in 2005, Rupert was inspired by the landscapes written about so lyrically in Laurie Lee’s autobiographical ‘Cider with Rose’.
  • “I love the way the landscape and architecture fit so well together in the Cotswolds,” he says.  “in 2010 I walked the Cotswold Way, capturing the landscape as I travelled and even selling some ‘wet paintings’ on the way.”
  • Using mainly palette knife and oils, as he feels ‘it becomes much more immediate’, he captures the scene of the local area as they are now.
  • Rupert’s studio is based in the Painswick Centre Artists Studio but he will be exhibiting his ‘View from Here’ range of recent paintings of Cheltenham and the surrounding Wolds at the Gardens Gallery from the 18th to 24th April 2012.
  • Previous exhibitions at the Gardens Gallery include a 50th anniversary celebration of Laurie Lee’s ‘Cider with Rosie’, a painting perambulation along the Cotswold Way and a portrait of Cheltenham inspired by the 19th century diary of Rev. Frances Witts.


Contact details:            Telephone Rupert on 07702 097 457




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