‘Prints, Pastels and Pots’

Annette Harrod, Jan Day and Pam Chapman

14-20 May 2014


  • Three local artists with a selection of new works in three different media.
  • Annette Harrod was born in Belgium but has lived in Cheltenham for thirty years, and works from home. She trained in Visual Art at the University of Gloucestershire, graduating with an MA in Printmaking. She loves to explore the various processes of her work; experimenting in different techniques in printmaking is very important to her. Her aim is to reflect her immediate response towards nature through ongoing mark making. She only makes one image of her prints so they are each totally unique.
  • Pam Chapman took up ceramics as part of her BA course in Visual Art at the University of Gloucestershire. She now works from her studio at home and uses a gas fired kiln to experiment with the raku process. Pam specialises in a resist glaze method known as ‘naked raku’. The work is non-functional, hand-built, focussing on form and related surface decoration. Pam’s inspiration mostly comes from the shoreline, particularly the geology and colours of her native east coast of Scotland. A recent trip to Istanbul has led to new ideas.
  • Jan Day studied Graphic Design at Canterbury College of Art, and has worked in London, Australia, Italy, California, Taiwan and China. Through Cheltenham Open Studios she finally started Life Drawing again after about thirty years, and her friends Annette and Pam kindly invited her to take part in this exhibition. As travelling is a big part of her life, it was a natural theme to choose.


Open daily 10am – 5pm

Entry Free

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