Annette Harrod & Pam Chapman



30 MAY – 5 JUNE 2012


  • An exhibition of prints and ceramics inspired by the coastal landscape.


  • After finishing her MA in Printmaking at the University of Gloucestershire, Annette set up a studio at home, where she experiments with various printmaking techniques. Her current works are mainly collagraphs and are based on drawings and observations from a recent walk on the Pembrokeshire Coastal Path.


  • Pam has a Visual Arts degree from the University of Gloucestershire where she specialised in Ceramics. For the past 4 years she has been making raku pieces firing the work in a gas kiln in her garden. Her work is influenced by the geology and landscape of the east coast of Scotland. Current work includes raku and smoked pieces.

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What’s Next?

  • Maintenance The east turret is in need of repair to prevent rain leaking in when the wind is in the ‘wrong’ direction. We hope to get this done during gallery downtime.
  • Hire Dates for 2022 The release of dates for hiring the gallery in 2022 is under review pending the availability of dates for events in the gardens.
  • New gallery layout

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