Light and Life on the Shoreline

27th May – 2nd June 2015

Nicki Gwynn-Jones


  • A personal take on the birds that inhabit the shorelines and lagoons of Florida and Norfolk.
  • From the hustle and bustle of communal feeding to the peace and quiet of nap time, I try to capture the essence of the birds that I encounter.  I prefer to find sympathetic backdrops such as water and sky, and high key light is what I love best –  without any distracting elements the birds become the stars of the show.   Their lives are inextricably linked to the life of the tides, the weather and to human behaviour and they are many things to me; from the elegant egrets to the tiniest sandpipers, they can be feisty, sweet, majestic, funny, always beautiful and always a joy to be around.
  • I was awarded a Fellowship in Visual Art by the Royal Photographic Society in 2012 and have work in private collections all over the world.  I am a member of both the Arena Group of Photographers and Landscape Collective UK.


Open daily 10am-5pm

Entry Free

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What’s Next?

  • Maintenance The outside of the gallery has been repainted.
  • New Lighting The main lighting in the gallery has been replaced with energy efficient LED lights which provides
    lower power consumption, a sensation of greater space giving enhanced upward lighting and warmer light on walls and screens

New gallery layout

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