In A Different Light

Elizabeth Le Vierge, Sally Williams

15 – 21 May 2013


  • Elizabeth Le Vierge

‘This exhibition shows a selection of my recent paintings in which I have been experimenting with techniques and styles, predominantly in oils and mixed media on canvas. The subject matter is more representational than in my previous work and includes urban and rural landscapes and still life.  Light, colour and texture remain key factors in the interpretation of the subject. Please do have a look at my website,  which gives a comprehensive view of my work, collagraph prints and drawings as well as paintings over a number of years.’


  • Sally Williams

‘This body of work includes some of the spiritual connections I have with the Forest of Dean and The Severn Valley, together with ley lines around my home near May Hill. The places and spaces that I am drawn to all have strong emotional pulls, and although I extract from them – I only leave footprints. My passion is for mark making and exploring the patterns left in your mind long after leaving – often in perfect alignment on the landscape. A mix of acrylics, charcoal, and graphite are just some of the media I use in seeking the lost and hidden shapes and colours that I incorporate in the quest.’


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What’s Next?

  • Maintenance The east turret is in need of repair to prevent rain leaking in when the wind is in the ‘wrong’ direction. We hope to get this done during gallery downtime.
  • Hire Dates for 2022 The release of dates for hiring the gallery in 2022 is under review pending the availability of dates for events in the gardens.
  • New gallery layout

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