Gardens Gallery re-opening

As the video and diagram below will illustrate, we have adapted the Gallery so that we comply with social distancing and hygiene requirements.

One way system

By introducing a one-way route through the Gallery there are now 12 viewing points which comply and we are suggesting that the Gallery has space for up to 8 individuals or couples. 

The Gallery will remain in a fixed set up for as long as social distancing is required.


Sanitising stations will be provided at the gallery entrance and exit.

Changes to opening hours

We have also decided that the Gallery should be closed to the public on Tuesdays. This is to facilitate giving the parting exhibitor ample time to take down their work and clean the glass. It is also a time to arrange contactless handover for sold items. As we all know, it takes longer to conduct simple operations, while respecting social distancing. The other reason is to give the Gallery some breathing space and allow time for a deeper and more thorough professional clean.  Entry for the following week’s hirers will now be at 0900 Wednesday morning.

Protecting our hirers and stewards

Lastly, so that the hirers do not take up a massive chunk of the exhibition space, we have created a “hirers office” in one of the towers so that the two hirers/stewards are separated by a table of over 2 metres as well as by a transparent screen. There is also a small table with another screen for payments by card.

Obviously, the Gallery has been impacted financially but because of Government grants, administered most efficiently by Cheltenham Borough Council, the impact, for us, has been largely neutralised by receiving a grant.

Operational procedures for hirers

  1. Maintain the lay-out as a one-way system without change.

  2. Visitors will be used to the practice of waiting before the next footsteps/ viewing point has been vacated.

  3. Monitor the number of individual people visitors inside the Gallery does not exceed 8 (excluding Stewards in the office).

  4. This is judgemental since a household of 3 does not need to have 2 metres between them but takes more space than a single view point. Eg If out of the 8 people there are two couples then 10 seems feasible. If there are 3 families of 3 then the gallery may well be full since this combination will be spreading across most of the view points. Your judgement is needed.

  5. If the a queue develops outside then good practice to go round via the back door to advise them of any delay and maybe suggest their undertaking the tree walk in the Gardens : Leaflets in the office.

  6. Wear masks whenever the 2 metre distance may be compromised.

  7. When visitors are less than 6 then one steward may walk around the Gallery as normal but respecting the one -way / 2m protocol.

  8. Hirers partners are permitted to sit alongside them in the office. Otherwise nobody is permitted in the office.

  9. Do not accept cash or cheques without wearing gloves. Favour payment by your own card machine.

  10. Arrange for contactless transfer of sold items; suggest pick up on Tuesday morning entry by back door since you will not be open.

  11. You are responsible for keeping the Gallery clean during your stay: with protective gloves provided use the anti-viral spray provided to clean all handles , surfaces and screens twice a day.

  12. Check hand sanitisers are operational.

  13. Keep spare chairs inside office area ; deploy in case of real need only.

  14. We have added a door bell so that disabled visitors can ask for help. The only way into the Gallery for wheelchairs is via the back door through which other visitors exit. You will need to halt people exiting whilst ushering in the wheel chairs into the one-way system by the front door.

  15. Please do record any modifications you believe may need making to these notes.

  16. As you pack up your work at the end of stay please be aware that glass can retain infection for longer than other surfaces. We recommend you clean the glass with a spray of your own choosing before packing items either for customers or your own home.


Gallery social distancing layout

Click on the image to take a video tour of the gallery one way system

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